Membership Enquiries

Malahide Golf Club accepts applications for membership in the following categories :

1. Pavilion Member. Affords a member use of Clubhouse facilities and is a required preparatory step to golf membership. Pavilion members are accepted, after interview, throughout the year.

2.Junior (formerly Juvenile) Member.(a) Cadets  Age 8 to 10 and (b) Juniors Age 11 to 18. Both of the above are accepted for one year’s membership at a time.

3. Five Day Member. Entitles member to the use of the course Monday to Friday.

4. Ordinary (Full) Member. Entitles the member to play golf on all available days,
participate in the running and organisation of the Club, culminating in the Annual
General Meeting and it’s processes.

5. Corporate Member. Entitles member to nominate a person each year to be an
Ordinary member for each (or subsequent) year for 20 years at which time a member
may be permanently nominated as an Ordinary member. Corporate members are
accepted, after interview, throughout the year.

6. Overseas, Country and Annual memberships may also be available subject to certain conditions. Please contact the General Manager for further details.

Please note all applications must be Proposed and Seconded by current Ordinary (Full) members with the exception of Corporate membership.

All categories of member are subject to interview and all adult applications are displayed to the members for a period of time. Applications for adult membership are generally accepted in October with the exception of Pavilion and Corporate as noted above. All adult categories are subject to an Entrance fee.

Membership is currently Open for all categories of Membership including both Ordinary (Full) Membership and Five Day Memberships; however there are only a limited number of vacancies available in each category.

Entrance Fees for 2017 are as follows -

*Full Membership - 7,500€

*5 Day Membership - 5,300€

*Annual Membership - 2,250€ (Inc Entrance Fee and Annual Subscription)

*Overseas/Country - 750€

*Corporate 21,400€

*Pavilion - 250€ (Inc Subscription and Bar & Restaurant Levies).

Please click here to download an Adult Membership Application Form.

Please click here to download a Junior / Cadet Membership Application Form.

We recommend using the Google Chrome browser when downloading the application forms.