2013 May - AJ Mc Cabe wins The Paddy Caul Plate

(19 May 2013)
 AJ Mc Cabe (13 Years old ) won the Paddy Caul Plate. He received his officialy handicap of 24 last year and is now playing off 7 after winning the Paddy Caul Plate. He also won the monthly medal two weeks ago. Congratulation and a great achievement from one of our youngest Juveniles. 

    Some Interesting facts about AJ Mc Cabe

  • He is 13 years old
  •   Got his first set of clubs at 3 years old and started playing with his Dad 
  •   Met Tiger Woods in 2006 at the K club and has his autograph (big inspiration)
  • Joined the cadets two years ago under John Murray.
  •   Received his first official handicap last year at 24 and is now playing off 7                                    after winning the Paddy Caul Plate.
  •   Selected to Join the GUI Leinster development panel two years ago under Shane O Grady and is in his second year
  •  Won the Monthly medal two weeks ago.
  •  Won the Paddy Caul Plate on Saturday – Puts his win down to the new Addidas shoes his Dad                 bought him that morning in the pro shop ……. !!!!  





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