A message from President Robert Morris

(20 Aug 2015)

In previous Presidents' Bulletins I advised that the Management Committee instigated a Strategy sub-committee to establish a vision for Malahide Golf Club for the next 10-15 years, and to develop a 5 year strategic plan to ensure it can be delivered effectively.  These plans will be presented to the members for consideration and agreement when completed.

I also advised that a survey of members' views would be sent to all.

It is crucial that the vision and strategic plan reflect the members' wishes and this survey is a systematic way to help achieve this.  The results from the survey will highlight the key areas which members want addressed and provide a foundation for the allocation of resources in the strategic plan.

The survey is being conducted by a company called Behaviour and Attitudes who are a well known, and professional research company.  Responses will be totally confidential and the results received will be available to members.

I ask you to complete the survey honestly and within the timeframes.  I assure you that your input will be used in the formulation of the vision and strategic plans for Malahide Golf Club for the coming decades.


Robert Morris, President

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