Administration of the Club

(27 Oct 2017)

The Management Committee would like to inform you that, from the 1st November, the Club is seeking to appoint an interim, part-time Head of Operations, who will take responsibility for all operational matters, ie bar, restaurant, proshop, bag room, course and maintenance. The position will require attendance for 20 hours per week, and will last 6 months minimum. The interim Head of Operations will report to the President of the day.

The post will be advertised on the Golfnet (GUI and ILGU) website and is also open to any member who may wish to apply (Ref: Rule 4.8.4 and  Rule, b). Applications, in the strictest confidence, to for the attention of the President.

In the meantime, with the support of Sean Cormican,Tony Murray and the Vice President, the President will oversee Club Operations.

In the office, Geraldine Reilly has been appointed as Head of Administration. She will have responsibility for all administration, accounting and membership matters and will report to the President of the day. The Management Committee is delighted to welcome Geraldine as a full time employee of the Club and looks forward to working with her.

Jeannette Brophy
Honorary Secretary.

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