Blue Course Plans – Members’ Information Evening

(06 May 2013)

Blue Course Plans – Members’ Information Evening

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Thursday May 9th 2013

An Information Evening was held in the Club on Thursday 9th May to update members on the proposals to reintroduce a men’s par 5 hole on the Blue Nine. 

For a number of years, playing our course and using the Blue Nine, which is only par 34, leaves us with a Par 70 course. This is unattractive to members and visitors alike, and does nothing to enhance our status in the ranking of Irish golf clubs.

We feel that the care of our ground staff for the course, under Colm Murphy’s direction, the engagement of Dr Michael Foxe for monitoring and technical advice, and the (necessary) ongoing expenditure on the course is not adequately appreciated, when one of the nines has two par 3’s, no par 5.

This project has been under consideration for some time with a steering group working with course designer Jeff Howes. The Management Committee, Trustees, and the Men’s and Ladies’ committees were briefed and approved the plans at the end of last week and earlier this week. The project can be financed from existing funds, with no requirement for a levy or any other charge on the members.

As mentioned in my March bulletin to members, the plan for the 7th blue will involve putting the tee box back to its original position, moving the 7th fairway 20 metres westwards to create a dog-leg and to protect the gardens of the houses on the boundary. The drain between the 7th and 5th fairways will be piped. The 5th fairway, too, will be moved 20 metres westward, necessitating the removal/transplant of some trees between the 5th and 4th fairways. Finally it is proposed to replace the fifth green, which has drainage and other problems, with a new green left of the existing green. Work to begin Autumn 2013, ready for play May 2014.We will be able to explain the project in detail, to describe many alternatives that were considered, and we look forward to hearing your views.  


Robert Doyle






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