Important Matters

(31 Jul 2014)

Dear Member,

Just a few matters to make you aware of -

Practice Area

Despite new rules and numerous requests to members to abide by these rules we continue to find evidence of golfers playing back up towards the clubhouse.

If we are not careful we are running the risk of loosing this facility through legal action from one of our adjoining neighbours, by which time it will be too late. Its seems such a shame that a small minority may well lose this facility for all the membership.

Can you please ensure you abide by these rules which are abundently displayed all around the practice area. If you see any instances of the rules being broken please let the General Manager or a Member of the Men's or Ladies Committees know. So that appropriate action may be taken.

Anyone found guilty of breaking these rules will be dealt with severely, including suspension of their membership.

Access Code

We continue to experience difficulties with the software operating the Access System, this has resulted in a delay in changing over to the new code until after Open Week.The existing code will therefore continue to work and details of the new code which will come into effect on Monday 11th August 2014 may be found in the members area of the web site.

Pull trolleys

We continue to find Pull Trolleys being left around the car park, but in particular behind the fence / entrance to the Practice Area & 1st Yellow Tee and by the Members Buggy Parking Area.

As indicated in a previous email, these pull trolleys are rented and are also a source of rental income to the club, but this income is lost if Trolleys are not returned to the dispenser units. Sadly, the number of trolleys left out is highest after members competition days, so we cannot blame our visitors / guests.

May I please ask you all to make a special effort and return your pull trolley to the dispensers in the courtyard, when you have finished using it.

Divot Bags

We are coming into a particuarly busy week, namely that of Open Week and I would encourage you all to continue to use the divot bags as you do and to encourage visitors to do likewise. Their introduction and use has made a huge difference to the overall condition of the course over the last few years. Similaly, if you see Divot bags left around the car park, please help us by returning then to the Courtyard and placing them in the collection bin provided.

Thank you


Mark Gannon

General Manager



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