Practice Area Re-opens

(16 Jul 2014)

Dear Member,

I am pleased to advise you that the Practice Ground will re-open fully to members from 12 Noon on Wednesday 16th July 2014, under the following revised rules:

(1) Play is only permitted from the four bays located to the right of the practice area close to the hedge.

(2) Play is allowed in ONE DIRECTION ONLY i.e. from the four bays to the appointed flags away from the Clubhouse.

(3) There are two greens to which members may hit practice balls.

(4) Practice to the further green is allowed only from the two bays closest to the hedge (150 yds. approx.)

(5) Practice from the two outer bays furthest from the hedge is restricted to the nearer green (100 yds. approx.) only

(6) All other areas of the practice ground with the exception of the pitching green are no longer in use. Play from any area other than the four practice bays is a strict breach of the rules governing the practice area and could lead to the practice ground being closed permanently.

It is essential that ALL members and visitors adhere strictly to these rules. The continued operation of the facility is dependent on total adherence and to this extent we have installed CCTV cameras to monitor activity and use of the area. Any breach of the above rules will be taken very seriously and will result in disciplinary action up to and including suspension. We would also ask any member witnessing any breech of the rules associated with the practice fairway to report details to the General Manager.

Jim McMahon
Hon. Secretary

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