Temporary Practice area

(07 Feb 2014)

‘Dear Member

I am pleased to advise you that a temporary practice area will open tomorrow Saturday 8th February 2014. The area is located at the old 2nd hole on the yellow golf course that runs parallel to the existing 2nd hole. Please note that this is an interim arrangement and will be kept under constant review.

It is absolutely essential that everyone using the practice area adheres strictly to the following rules:

• The practice area is limited to a Maximum of 3 Players at any one time.
• Practice is restricted to clubs that can achieve a maximum distance of 160 metres by the player.
• Practice is allowed in One Direction Only i.e. the same direction as the 2nd hole.
• Members using the practice area must give way to members or visitors playing on the golf course.
• Members using the practice area Must Not Collect Balls while anyone is playing from the 2nd Tee-Box on the yellow course.
• If a member playing the 2nd hole on the yellow course hits a ball onto the temporary practice area, members using the practice area Must Stop Play immediately and only resume when the player has moved on.
• If a player using the practice area hits a ball or balls onto the 2nd hole on the yellow course, they Must Not Collect the ball(s) until the 2nd hole is clear.
• When collecting balls, members must walk up the left hand side of the practice area and return along the same path.

Failure to comply with these rules may lead to disciplinary action up to and including suspension and could result in the closing down of the practice area.’

Thank you

Men's and Ladies Committee's


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